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Course On Advanced Database Management Systems



To provide advanced knowledge and develop competencies on RDBMS activities with Multi-user and Single-user DBMS applications.

For Whom

• Executive Officers.
• Management Assistants.
• Any other work groups at Sri Lanka Ports Authority.
• Any other interested external applicants


  • Introduction to the Data Base Management Systems
  • Discuss the drawbacks of File Base vs Data Base Management Systems
  • Introduction to Relational Data Base Management Systems
  • Design and Develop Data Bases with Entity Relationship Diagram (ER)
  • Design and Develop Data Bases with Normalization
  • Develop Databases with Single-user Application (Microsoft Office Access)
  • Discuss other Objects and features of Single-user DBMS
  • Develop Databases with Multi-user User Application (My SQL)
  • Discuss the features of SQL statements
  • Develop SQL statements for Create, Insert, Delete, Update events


All the sessions will be lectured followed by the practicals, discussions, assignments, case studies and individual evaluation

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Duration : 14 Sessions in 14 Days
Medium : English / Sinhala
COURSE FEE: Rs. 10,000.00
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Course On Advanced Database Management Systems - Course Schedule

Next Commencing Date : soon as possible

Time Schedule not available.
Payment Method Amount
One Time Payment
Rs. 10,000.00
Short Term Investments
Rs. 5,000.00 X 02
Qualification Requirement
  • Mr. W. A. C. Wickramarachchi, BSc. (Hons.) Software Engineering

    Senior Manager (Training - Management & Information Systems)

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